Belief & Consciousness.

⦁ God has given us the power — through FAITH, from GOD.
⦁ FAITH is a combination of BELIEF and DECISION.
⦁ We are all connected — one — through the very same life-breath that God has breathed into us.
⦁ We are not exclusively our bodies; We are living beings of consciousness, residing in these physical bodies temporarily.
⦁ Our BELIEFS affect our REALITY; Our REALITY reflects our BELIEFS.
⦁ There is power in hope, faith, and belief — belief with conviction.
⦁ Everything is subjective; Anything is possible.
⦁ Believe that you are / have what you want — and it is yours.
⦁ Ignore your doubts — you don’t really need the “experience” or the “proof” that it works, because you only need to decide that it does.
⦁ “I am / have [blank]” | “I already am / have [blank]” | “I am free” | “I am already free”.

Choices & Circumstances.

⦁ Ignore the circumstances; You can choose the outcome.
⦁ Don’t react (negatively) to the situation; React neutrally or positively (as in ignore / overlook it and — to yourself — decide that it means something else).
⦁ “A gentle answer will calm another’s anger, but harsh words will only stir it up!” — Proverbs 15:1. (This is subjective, but think of it as: · reacting neutrally or positively = neutralizes the situation. · reacting negatively = only makes it seem more real to yourself, and you’re treating it as real. DON’T. You choose.)
⦁ “Fools are quick to express their anger, but those with good sense overlook insults.” — Proverbs 12:16. (To over-react or react negatively to a situation would be missing an opportunity — when you are the one that decides your reality by what you are choosing to believe. Change your mind; Change your life.)
⦁ “The righteous person carefully weighs his answers.” — Proverbs 15:28. (Do your actions and reactions reflect what you want to believe and see reflected in your reality? Again, ignore the circumstances and act according to your desired outcome. You already have that which you desire — the most beneficial outcome as according to your desire. Realize how and why it is so.)
⦁ Change your perceptions of other people and things. Don’t put them into a limiting box, but instead choose to believe the best of them — believe in their free and infinite capacity, their ultimate possibility.


This is not “woo-woo”, “mysticism”, “magic[k]”, “new age-ism”, “the law of attraction”, “the universe”, nor about “vibrations”, etc. It’s not “magic[k]al” or “mystical” — it’s miracle. It’s faith, belief, decision.

But also keep in mind that just because we can do or have something, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything or anything that we want is the most beneficial.

Any negative situation can be turned into a beneficial situation, any dysfunctional relationship can be healed, any worry can be changed into something reassuring, nobody is “superior” to another in some “league of unattainability”, and I do believe negative situations can be changed into positive situations (God has done this many times in the Bible), etc. I do believe that we can have the most beneficial outcomes in whatever it is that we want, but there is still right and wrong.

I don’t say these things as limitations, let there be no limitation in the belief of possibility! Because in a sense there are no “solid limits” (impossibilities), but there are still “moral limits” (boundaries). Just because we can do ABC or can cause XYZ to happen, that doesn’t always make them the most beneficial things.

There are righteous forces and evil forces in the world, and evil forces can enact “powers” and “signs” – just as righteous forces can enact miracles. All power has originated from God, but some power has been abused and used for evil. Test the spirits. Test if a certain situation is truly beneficial and good.

But it’s important to be careful not to become deceived that there is no right nor wrong, and even if we can do anything, that doesn’t nullify the reality of God and morality.

Again, I don’t say these things as “limitations”, because there are countless possibilities, but I say them as cautions not to fall into immoral or occult situations.

I do believe that we are all connected and that “pure free will” can still be a questionable subject, as we all influence and are influenced, and science has shown that the human brain shows signs of leaning toward a certain situation before the person has even made an actual decision.

But I strongly caution against the belief in hive-mind consciousness and god-consciousness. The idea that we are all one ultimate singular god-like consciousness who is trying to experience life through the separate consciousnesses of individual mortal beings or that everyone else’s realities are not real and only our own are real, that we are “god” and that it doesn’t matter what we do to other living beings, because “we are the only real ones” or “it only affects them in our reality, not in theirs”.

We all live in the same reality and yet our own realities of our own minds at the same time. This isn’t to say that wanting a situation to come to pass that involves other people is strictly “violating their free will”, because you can account for that. It can be that that situation is also beneficial for them or also helps them. It doesn’t have to violate anyone’s free will (influencing a situation with having faith is different from “manipulating someone”.

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Thank you. May God Bless you.