Personal Growth Through Minimalism (and Where to Start)

“The utmost important step of selling items is not the actual selling, but your commitment to passing it on. And remember – that’s all it ever is. Not dumping, not getting rid of, not wasting – you’re passing something on.”

It could be said that I’ve been on a “quest” of sorts. A quest of minimalism, toward freedom. Purging old things that I’ve held onto, that I’ve been attached to. I am a hoarder. It’s obsessive-compulsive for me.

Fear keeps us in our comfort zones. Letting go leads us to freedom.

That doesn’t mean to get rid of everything that we have, but it’s important to start somewhere and to let go of the things that we no longer need.

I get really attached to things, myself, even when it’s unnecessary, so I definitely understand. As I’m writing this, I have thousands of files transferring around between USB and laptop. Yes, digital hoarding is also a thing. I’ve been going through my digital files and deleting things – even screenshots (something that I seriously would not have done before!).

There are sometimes moments when I briefly imagine what it would be like to lose “everything”. Not really everything, but a lot of things. I remember even having moments like that as a kid.

It’s a scary thought, but there’s also something kind of appealing about it. Think about it. We don’t really need any of this stuff, now do we? Imagine if we cut down our belongings by just a small percentage. And then in half. And then even more. Imagine if we only had 25% of what we have now. Think of all of that freedom. (All of that free space.)

Things become nostalgic, sentimental. It’s so easy to get attached to things, to want to have things that we like or that we think represent us. We want to showcase outwardly who we are inwardly. We want to display our likes, our interests, our passions. They’re a part of us. We want to have things just in case and just so that we can look at them if we want to. I can relate.

Prevent & Minimize.
One of the best places to start is to minimize what you’re bringing into your life. That would be prevention. Start by preventing the overflow to continue. Get only what you need or what you are absolutely passionate about. Be mindful, be aware. As the saying goes, “reduce, re-use, recycle”.

Organize & Declutter.
Another great thing to do is to get organized and declutter. Throw away trash that you might be holding onto for whatever reasons, give borrowed things back to the people that they belong to, burn old things that you have a hard time letting go of out into the world, and get rid of anything that you don’t like or that doesn’t match with your beliefs, values, morals, ethics, etc.

Digital Attack.
Start by going through downloaded files, applications, extensions, browsers, games, etc. Delete, delete, delete (whatever you want to delete, that is). You don’t have to tackle your own personal files just yet — that’s up to you. You can also delete your browser and internet activity (by going through your activity in your browser or different online accounts). More on this in another post about personal data security and digital minimalism.

If the shoes don’t fit . . . .
I say this part somewhat metaphorically. I still have shoes that don’t fit me perfectly, but I’ve still kept them. (What? They’re nice.) Go through your old clothes, shoes, bags, and any other accessories that you might have, and get rid of whatever you don’t want, doesn’t fit, or is tattered and tacky (again, even burn them).

Give it away now … safely.
There’s something that feels safe about giving things away to people that you know. Almost like you could get that back if you “needed to”, but not that you want to or are going to. Just in case. But give things away to people – permanently OR to hold onto for you for a bit (and then come back to those temporarily held items and go through them!).

Remember . . . .
Absolutely nothing is going to be going with us in the end. No items, no products, no high-end purses. Nothing. You can have nice things. You don’t have to get rid of everything “ASAP, STAT, pronto”. Let go of the excess. We’ll free up so much more in our lives if when we do!

Stay tuned . . . .
I have a video series about this very subject (“Hoarding & Minimalism”), coming up soon. I started it a while back, I just need to finish working on the first episode and then post it onto YouTube. If you’d like to stay in the loop with my YouTube channel and my other creative content, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on social media. Thank you so much! May God Bless you!

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